How do we work

How to create a animation


The beginning of each video starts in the script, where the duration, content, speech and / or dialogues are reviewed, which are assembled together with the client based on the project's requirements.

Character design

If the audiovisual piece includes characters, these are presented independently, as this will help the development of Animatic and definition of the graphic line.


This process is carried out to be able to define the shots and the content on the screen, it is presented in a video with sketches that contains speech and music, to have a first approach to the final video.


The styleframes are used to define the graphic line of the audiovisual piece in a couple of images, before starting the design.
Color palettes, images, fonts and other necessary elements are reviewed and approved.

Voice - Over

Within a wide variety of professionals, voice-over options or actors and actresses are presented depending on the need of the project, once selected the recording is requested.

Designs / Illustrations

An assembly with final design is generated which is approved from the Style Frame and Animatic stage, here the changes that are generated are minor since the content, character design and style frame are approved from the previous stages.


In this stage we give life to the video, integrating all the elements of the previous stages and adding techniques from different animation styles such as 2D or 3D, frame by frame and mold.